Service Treatments


Body foliation Help to brighten the skin ans whisks away dead skin cells and moisture -Mineral salt scrub Help to polishes skin to a soft glow while providing critical hydrating and nourishment skin needs moisture


Hot stone With the use of hot stone this massage boost healing and relaxation of the muscles using natural volcanic stone.


Warm wax applied thinly with a spatula then removed with paper -Hot wax A gentle wax using an oil barried allowing re- application removing short and stubborn hairs(hot comfort wax is recommended for more sensitive or intimate area)

4.TINTING (patch test is necessary 24h prior to treatment)


-Hand A luxurious treatment for hands includes filing and cuticle work ect…ending with a massage and polish of your choice

-Feet A full MOT on tired feet consisting of a warm soak with cuticle work, a full scrub and massage .


To restore a health ,clear complexion and give you a radiant skin.Most treatment will involved cleansing to get rid of any dead skin,using toner to clean away dirt and unblock pores and moisturizing to hydrate and brighten the skin.Sometimes it involve a massage to leave you feeling pampered ,relaxed and refreshed